Vicki fans don’t wait for her next photo shoot or public appearance but we get really really excited when we see in her in the background of photos


there arent enough pictures of vicki and it makes me upset


friendly reminder that when a strip club wouldn’t let her in because she was a woman, vicki stood outside flashing the people trying to get in saying “don’t go in there, i’ll show you mine for free.”  


I just really love Vicki Vantoch a lot. 


Top: Original black and white photograph of Vicki

Bottom: My handcolored edit.  I was getting really frustrated that the color version of this image was SO FREAKIN SMALL that I could only really use it for icons and the black and white one was such better quality.  So here you go Vagabonds


I can’t not play with the one truly crisp high quality image we have of our goddess

vicki. a tennis racket. a potted plant. it’s possible that something really messy and interesting happened shortly after this photo was taken.

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