Love for Vicki Vantoch


Vicki and West during Misha’s second panel @ VegasCon 14


Misha giving West back to Vicki @ VegasCon 14


(I accidentally made yet another transcript! It’s from Misha’s panel at Vegascon.)

Fan asks how it was to work with Vicki on a project like TSA America.

Good, thanks for asking! Yeah. Vicki is my spouse and we’ve done a lot of projects together over the years. We’ve had a lot of schemes,…

"Because she, she was this kid who, when she was sixteen, she like, made a video about this orphanage in India and then put in on like public access television in Washington DC and raised twenty thousand dollars and went, at sixteen, by herself to an orphanage in India. Worked there for two months and brought babies back with her."
— Misha about Vicki [source] (via mishamallow)


Vicki Vantoch @ VegasCon ‘14

"Even the prettiest bombshell has insecurities.
You can either spend your life thinking your butt’s too big or feel sexy as hell.
Make the choice. Appreciate your body."
— Vicki Vantoch, The Threesome Handbook. (via hernameisboxcar)

Vicki with Maison and West

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"I think my wife would welcome the change."
— Misha on what would happen if he and Cas switched places (via domesticadventures)